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Heiko Hartwig remembers:

«A management consultant I am friendly with advised me to talk to Frank Petermann. I have to admit, I didn't like the idea of flying to Hamburg especially, not knowing what benefit this would produce. But, luckily, my friend insisted.

This is two years ago and at the time, my career had reached a level of success at which it stagnated and I wanted to explore my options from there. Things were more complicated than I can describe here and the situation appeared to be blocked, a step up seemed impossible.

After a series of talks I took a break for a few months, but for a year now I have been seeing Frank Petermann regularly - following my friend's advice once again, but this time in a new role as general manager. I had found myself in a completely new professional dimension, the extent and principles of which I was only gradually realizing. Frank Petermann is closely familiar with the issues of power and leadership. Meanwhile, his advice does not only help me with strategic considerations; I can even discuss very delicate, discrete issues with him and always meet competence and profound knowledge.

I reserve some time after our sessions especially so I can process the insights I have gained. They are of considerable value for putting things into practice. In short, the sessions with Frank Petermann have long since become an integral part of my job as a manager, but more than that, for me personally they are the most enjoyable way of gaining knowledge.»

Heiko Hartwig, Managing Director
KanAm Grund Capital Investment Co., Frankfurt am Main

Bernd Hass reports:

«Low funds, a hazy decision process, continuous self-exploitation. Our bundle of problems was probably typical for nonprofit organizations when we turned to Frank Petermann, who had been recommended to us for the development of our organization by our national association.

Mr. Petermann helped us to get a clear view of our starting position. What convinced us was speed in which he grasped the existing patterns and the vivid way in which he pointed out the different factors that influenced them. It was amazing how quickly the different points of view at varying levels of hierarchy formed an integrative picture. After a bit more than a year of intensive cooperation, we have passed the first level successfully and are now on a promising path.

Every staff member involved in the development of the organization has learned a lot and is grateful not to have to fit in with an off-the-shelf modular system. They feel that they are being taken seriously and are in good hands, despite being confronted with unfamiliar and unconventional views on their work.»

Bernd Hass, Managing Director
GoldbekHaus Hamburg

Axel Hoppenhaus sums up:

«I turned to Frank Petermann upon recommendation. He supported me continuously for the first years after starting up my company Nomen Products. As we put my ideas into practice, Mr. Petermann helped me create a unique corporate identity. With a fresh view on my own background, I succeeded in building up a company that is both credible and fascinating.»

Axel Hoppenhaus, Managing Director
Nomen Products, Hamburg

Rainer Hirsch pays a compliment:

«I often have to deal with delicate situations in my role as a trainer or as part of my job on the works council. From all the experts I occasionally discuss complex situations with, Frank Petermann is the one I have particularly good memories of.

In just two intense sessions with him I learned more about group processes than in many seminars before. I find the combination of his sharp mind and his no-fuss friendliness inspiring until today. Ever since, workgroups are a field I can act confidently in and without 'accidents'.»

Rainer Hirsch
Broadcaster and -Radio Editor, Hamburg

Holger Dressler contemplates:

«I regularly discuss issues of strategic management, project development, conflict management and staff with Frank Petermann. Frank Petermann's gift of immediately grasping and thoroughly analyzing the complexity of issues that arise in the efforts of meeting the requirements of one's professional life, the challenges of social interaction as well as those of your private life always strikes me in our talks.

Mr. Petermann's outstanding analytical skills put the spotlight on what is essential. I value his power of judgment and his ability to bring things to a point. This helps to separate the wheat from the chaff on the coaching and training market.

Consultations with Frank Petermann are never tiring. They are serious discussions, but - thanks to his good sense of humor - held with a likeable ease. They are inspiring, informative, and - without it being immediately obvious - always targeted.»

Holger Dressler, Head of the Management Board
Sparkasse Lüneburg