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Yvonne Fietz sums up:

«My cooperation with Frank Petermann began when I was appointed to the management board of a large regional association. Frank Petermann's counseling helped me to adjust to my new role as manager of a nonprofit association quickly and to develop a management style that combines success and responsibility.

Short coaching sessions for staff members were all it needed to unearth requirements and to initiate a targeted qualification and to improve work organization.

A four-day retreat to discuss organization development, followed by management coaching, were organized by Frank Petermann and formed the basis for an extensive process of change, that enhanced the importance of the association across the country and made it very successful.

A retreat on the mission statements for local cultural centers led to a result with great practical value that convinced everyone in spite of the fact that their concepts of existence differed, sometimes even largely. The fascinating thing about this is that a differentiated mission statement can be used in all areas: for developing future management structures just as well as for phrasing concepts or coining slogans.

Frank Petermann's profound knowledge of the factors that hamper or boost development and his strong feeling for potential - be it with regard to people or organizations - have proven to be quintessential.

I was fascinated by the high degree of efficiency in working with him, which demanded a great deal from me but paid off with positive results. I appreciate Frank Petermann as a valued companion who is sensitive, has a feeling for what is essential and is professional. His good sense of humor and his inclination towards our line of business make working with him a pleasure.»

Yvonne Fietz, Management Board
www.stadtkultur-hh.de www.kultur-hamburg.de

Nils Hübener recalls:

«I met Frank Petermann at a management seminar, which mainly focused on the integration of two previously independent areas into one joint asset management company. His 'subtle' guidance allowed us to reach our own conclusions in spite of the complexity of the topic and the fact that time was short ...and all this happened in a concentrated but relaxed atmosphere, with just the right portion of fun and ease.»

Nils Hübener, Head of Real Estate Investments
SEB Asset Management AG, Frankfurt am Main

Detmar Eckert writes:

«From the beginning seven years ago, I have always enjoyed the task of establishing an international fashion group in Germany. Currently, the management at the group's head quarters in Milan has entrusted me with managing four branch offices. Apart from actual management tasks in a narrower sense, I have an interest in developing the brand, introducing it to Germany.

Frank Petermann was recommended to me by a friend as an expert for these kind of topics. At first, I was curious, but there was no immediate reason for counseling sessions. But our initial talks about product identity, branding and management went effortlessly, they were inspiring and fascinating.

Since then, I have been able to broaden and deepen my understanding of branding constantly and to an extent I had never expected. Today, I notice brand aspects in need of review or redesign even in the most peripheral areas of our business activity, in our staff's behavior, in tiny details. But this is only the business aspect.

What really matters to me when I think about the cooperation with Frank Petermann is something else, which is difficult to describe. I enjoy working and working hard, and appreciate my company just as much as our line of business. But since I have been talking to Mr. Petermann, I get even more pleasure out of my work, my 'self-enjoyment' - speaking in his terms - has increased. Without the need to ignore the typical risks linked to my leading position. On the contrary - knowing them gives me confidence. My thanks and appreciation for all of this.»

Detmar Eckert,
General Merchandise Manager
MaxMara fashion group, Milan

Christel Ludewig remarks:

«When I took up my new leading role, I also began a development programme for executives with Frank Petermann, together with other colleagues at the same management level. The discussion of routine example cases in combination with Frank Petermann's expert input provided a stimulus and support for executive decision making that I would not want to miss any more. What I appreciate most about Mr. Petermann is the clear yet friendly manner in which he puts things across to us.»

Christel Ludewig, Head of DFA
Diakonisches Werk Hamburg
Fortbildungszentrum auf der Anscharhöhe
(Training Center run by the protestant church)

Heiko Gerkens bottom line:

«Coming from the independent theatre scene, I was well accustomed to working with groups of people. Or so I thought. But the challenges I was faced with in my new job at STADTKULTUR HAMBURG were something entirely different.

My approach to team leadership did not work there, nothing caught on. To avoid frustration growing too large, my superiors sent me to Frank Petermann to clarify matters. I felt a bit uneasy about seeing a psychologist - did I really need one? But things turned out differently than I had expected.

It wasn't until I talked to Frank Petermann that I realised what my own working culture and its regularities were. I learned, quickly, that some of the difficulties I had communicating were based on the different action logics in different work environments. In particular, he raised my awareness for the differences between a working culture focused on profitability and one focused on the distribution of funds, which has helped me on countless occasions with my daily work that borders on the two.

Frank Petermann also presented me with a critical and informed view on decision-making processes in groups, and corrected my usual expectations that had frequently been disappointed; to me, groups had always been a kind of sacred instance of decision-making and creativity. Now, after the talks, I see things much clearer and my communication is both more relaxed and efficient.»

Heiko Gerken, public relation and marketing