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Jörg Kraft summarizes:

«Our facility has worked with Frank Petermann for years. We began with specific questions; meanwhile we have successfully completed the development of our organization.

I enjoyed working with Frank Petermann very much. His professional background, the models and visions he uses for discussion and the even balance of empathy and confrontation made working with him easy for me.

With Mr. Petermann's support, we managed to identify and tackle the individual development tasks clearly and quickly. When the key elements of the development process were designed, we intensified our cooperation in closed retreats. As a result, our organization now has a modern, efficient and sustainable structure that is extraordinary in the sector.»

Jörg Kraft, Head of an SOS Children's Village, Harksheide

Frank Laufenburg looks back critically:

«I met Mr. Petermann shortly after entering the company, which was characterized by the merger situation it was in at the time. In some areas, it required a completely new start regarding personnel and concepts.

My previous experience with organizational consultants and 'teambuilding' measures had been negative and my personal expectations were not high; I was all the more positively surprised by Mr. Petermann's way of working.

On the one hand, I am referring to his ability to rapidly and single-mindedly put himself in the completely different people's position, of their character and their role in the company, in order to uncover the actual and potential weaknesses in the organization.

On the other hand, Mr. Petermann strictly focused on the resolution of operational and organizational issues, abstaining from any kind of 'incentive' items on the agenda.

What I personally liked best was the way the participant's private life was strictly left out, and the fact that he did not include the typical 'outdoor' activities or similar items that other consultants often do - in my experience, they can easily have a disruptive effect.

If you require a targeted external view of your company and are also willing to participate actively in developing solutions for the company's problems, I can only recommend Mr. Petermann to you warmly.»

Frank Laufenburg, Head of Core Euro Fixed Income
SEB Asset Management, Frankfurt am Main

Burghard Ahnfeld is pleased:

«Hamburg's Authority for School and Vocational Education is currently developing models for "Regional Educational Landscapes", with a particular focus on socially disadvantaged areas of Hamburg. It is our goal to optimise processes across departments and individual authorities in order to improve children's and adolescents' perspectives. For example, schools should be more open to the integration of extracurricular activities and cooperation with independent local non-profit organisations in order to improve the quality of education. Building such networks between social and cultural institutions and independent providers of consultancy and educational services will provide children, adolescents and young grown-ups with much better support for life-long learning than before.

We called in Frank Petermann to develop a vision for the project. One of the more delicate issues of the scheme was to generate common lines of action between the different sub-cultures and institutional structures that had been in place for a long time. But also, the loose and fragile network of cooperation needed to be given a sustainable identity as an organisation of its own, an organisation that did not exist at this point. That combined disciplines. We were sceptical whether such a project would work out at all or whether it would soon dwindle like many of its predecessors.

Frank Petermann's intuitive, yet targeted approach struck me.I have a great deal of experience with seminars, but I have never before experienced how a mere two days of "just talking" can produce such profound results. We exceeded our goal by far: we developed a sound vision including a brand and a preliminary infrastructure.

My impression is that Frank Petermann approached our concerns in an unsentimental, yet very personal way, even took them to heart. His approach unearthed ideas, leaving "nothing more" to do than to formalise them. I am familiar with the world of civil services, but I have never come across such a development before - and its results have added greatly to the pleasure I take in my work.»

Burkhard Ahnfeldt, Authority for School and Vocational Education, "Lebenswerte Stadt" Project - Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Frank Moeller sums it up:

«In our group of staff developers, we regularly consult Frank Petermann to bring more transparency into the organisational backgrounds in individual case discussions. Moreover, we try to predict the effects of HR projects and staff development schemes together with Frank Petermann. Through his precise and graphic remarks, he helps us to identify awkward staff constellations, hidden agendas, or culturally based blind spots.

Talks with Frank Petermann help to clarify one's thoughts and are always beneficial. They are often easy going and full of humour, and take place in a dense and concentrated atmosphere. They do not seem hard work at all - initially, you will not even notice how much Frank Petermann is asking of you. In the course of time, they have significantly sharpened my eye for the influential factors in organisations.

Without his analyses and professional input, our goals for internal and external consultancy services and specific development measures could not have been so easily achieved. His methodical diligence never ceases to impress me.

I warmly recommend cooperating with Frank Petermann in coaching programmes for experienced executives or external organisation development programmes, which require a particularly high level of care and expertise.»

Frank Moeller, Organisational Development & Development of Potential
Hamburg-Mannheimer-Versicherungs AG

Jochen Schindlbeck is pleased:

«The first time I met Frank Petermann was during an organisation development project in our company. We later met again in the course of individual consultancy sessions.

What I find particularly admirable about Frank Petermann is his very fine sense for the problems that occur in an organisation or within an individual set of tasks, and how he can put them in a nutshell.

His knowledge on leadership, roles and power has been a crucial help for me in finding my own personal role. He also helps people to face unpleasant topics and points out clearly where work needs to be done.

Especially when it comes to complex organisational structures, to interdependencies between many different fields of work and accumulation to only few people, Frank Petermann has the ability to give a very clear idea of the corner stones and define profiles for the various roles and tasks.

It is also great fun to work with Mr. Petermann, as his work is characterised by his good sense of humour. He has provided me with valuable advice and inspiration for my work here in the Kulturpalast.»

Jochen Schindlbeck, Deputy Manager
KPH Kulturpalast Hamburg